Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions. Please read through this list to see if your questions have been answered here before contacting us. If your questions are not answered in this list, please send us a message through the Contact link.

  1. What kind of results should I expect from installing one of your mod kits?
  2. What's the difference between a "mod kit" and a "mod service"?
  3. Do you have a kit that will work for my mic?
  4. Which one of your kits will work with my Nady SCM900?
  5. Can you tell me exactly what you do to my mic when I buy one of your mod services?
  6. How do your mod kits/services compare to those offered by other sellers (, Michael Joly/Oktavamod, John Bonnell Mic Mods, JJ Audio, etc.)?
  7. My mic isn't working. Can you repair it for me?
  8. Do you sell replacement capsules, and/or can you recommend a replacement capsule for my mic?
  9. I think your prices are too high. Will you take $XX.XX for your kits?
  10. Can I read testimonials from past buyers of your 990 mod kits?
  11. Can I read testimonials from past buyers of your 2001 mod kits?

What kind of results should I expect from installing one of your mod kits?

Describing audio is very subjective, but I'll do my best to answer this question like so: my mod kits take a decent mic and make it better. If you're starting with an MXL 990, you'll have a better 990 after the mod. If you're starting with an MXL 2001, you'll have a better 2001 after the mod. By replacing the inferior capacitors with high-quality caps, you can generally expect less noise, less distortion, and improved transient response. You can also expect an improvement in the mic's frequency response, yielding a smoother sound than the mic in its stock form. Will it make your mic sound just like a Neumann U87? Probably not, or no one in their right mind would still buy a Neumann U87. But it will make your mic sound better than it did before, for a very minimal investment of a few bucks and a few minutes of your time.

What's the difference between a "mod kit" and a "mod service"?

A "mod kit" is where I send the parts and instructions to you so you can modify your own mic. A "mod service" is where you send your mic to me, I install the parts for you in your mic, and send it back to you.

Do you have a kit that will work for my mic?

I've tried to identify the most common makes and models on the market that are compatible with my mod kits. However, occasionally I'll identify yet another model that I wasn't previously aware of. If your mic is not in the one of the lists on our Products Page, open it up and compare the circuit to the pictures linked below:

If your mic's circuit matches the 603S (small-format pencil condenser) or V63M (large-format condenser), it should be compatible with my "990 mod kit". If it matches the 2001, it should be compatible with my "2001 mod kit". Note that it does not necessary have to be an exact match--your mic might include something extra, such as a low cut or pad switch, but as long as the main circuit is the same, it should work.

If you mic's circuit does not match any of above photos, then no, I do not have a kit that will work for your mic. Another great resource for learning more about mics and identifying compatible circuits is the Recording Hacks Microphone Database.

Which one of your kits will work with my Nady SCM900?

Older (pre-2002) versions of the SCM900 used a circuit that's similar to the MXL 2001/V67G. More recent versions use a circuit that's similar to the MXL 990/V63M/V57/SP-1/2006/etc. See "Do you have a kit that will work for my mic?" above to identify which version you have, and which kit will be compatible with your mic.

Can you tell me exactly what you do to my mic when I buy one of your mod services?

I offer a "basic" mod service, where I will install one of my kits in your mic. I also offer a "deluxe" or "advanced" service for certain models where I will install one of my kits, dampen the body of the mic to reduce resonance, and remove one or two inner layers of headbasket mesh to help reduce reflections inside the headbasket. I use the same kits in your mic that I sell to everyone else. I offer these services for people who don't have the tools, skills, or experience to modify their own mics.

How do your mod kits/services compare to those offered by other sellers (, Michael Joly/Oktavamod, John Bonnell Mic Mods, JJ Audio, etc.)?

Since I've never used any of those other kits or services and don't know which specific parts they replace or what they replace them with, I can't really compare my kits to their kits or services. I also won't pretend that comparing their kits/services to mine are an apples-to-apples comparison, because that may not be the case. However, I can offer these general differences:

  • My mod kits replace the most critical components in the circuit, which are usually cheap, generic, ceramic capacitors that typically prevent these mics from performing up to their potential. Specifically, my 990 kit replaces three capacitors. My 2001 kit replaces seven capacitors.
  • The kits replace nearly all of the components in the circuit, and they also offer a kit that completely replaces the circuit--board and all. Microphone-Parts also sells replacement capsules. I do not.
  • According to the Oktavamod website, the Joly mods replace every component on the circuit board and in some cases, they physically modify the capsule housing (at least, with the small-capsule pencil mics such as the MXL 603S, 991, 604, 600, etc.). Like Microphone-Parts, I think Oktavamod also offers replacement capsules.
  • John Bonnell doesn't give any details about what specific mods he replaces with his mods. He only says that he replaces inferior components with superior ones. He also does not typically replace the capsule with his mods.

Apart from those difference, something else that I can compare is prices. The Microphone-Parts kits usually cost around $100. The other guys normally charge at least $200 to $300 per mic for their mod services. Most of the parts used in condenser mic circuits are relatively inexpensive, so when you buy one of their services, you're paying mostly for their time and expertise. On the other hand, my kits cost around $8 to $10. You're only paying me for the parts, instructions, and the time you'll save trying to identify and source your own parts. I've already invested the time researching the mics, sourcing the parts, and creating the instructions for you. So the time you spend is yours, not mine.

If it's any consolation, I've sold hundreds of these kits over the last several years, and to date I've never had a dissatisfied customer. I also do my best to provide excellent customer service, even if I lose money on the deal. I believe that's the right thing to do, the way to run a successful business in the long run, and it has proven to be true in my experience so far. I would also encourage you to read my seller feedback on Ebay and the testimonials in my listings. They speak for themselves.

My mic isn't working. Can you repair it for me?

My kits are designed to be installed in fully-functional, working microphones. If your mic is not working, installing a kit may or may not fix the problem. Instead, the problem could be completely unrelated to the parts that are replaced with my kits (e.g., the capsule, wiring, etc). Troubleshooting a problem with a mic can take hours--way more time than simply installing a kit in a working mic. If you have a broken mic, I would encourage you to try installing a kit yourself (or ask a friend), since you basically have nothing to lose. If you're fortunate, the kit may fix your mic. If not, you really haven't lost anything since the mic was already broken. Also keep in mind that when dealing with budget mics, it's often cheaper to simply buy another working mic (new or used) than to pay the bench fee for a technician to repair your broken mic.

Do you sell replacement capsules, and/or can you recommend a replacement capsule for my mic?

I do not sell replacement capsules. If you're interested in replacing the capsule in your mic, I would recommend installing the mod kit first, then use the mic for a while and see how you like it. Then, if you decide you still want to try a different capsule, the Microphone Parts website is a good source for them. They offer several differnt capsules that each have a slightly different "color" to them. You'll just need to read the descriptions to decide which one will best fit your needs.

If you do decide to replace your capsule, I don't recommend doing it when you install the mod kit. If you perform both mods at the same time, you won't really know how each mod affected the sound of the mic. Also, if you perform both mods at the same time and there's a problem with your mic afterwards, it's more difficult to troubleshoot it and determine the source of the problem.

I've installed replacement capsules in some of my client's mics, but I've never replaced one in my own. I always felt like I could get perfectly good results with the stock capsules, and installing the mod kit always seemed a bigger bang-for-the-buck/return on investment when compared to paying $100 or more for a different capsule that may or may not sound better--just different.

In any case, our mod kits are not capsule-specific, and do not perform any "corrective EQ" to account for any shortcomings with a specific capsule, so whether you are keeping the stock capsule or replacing it with another, our mod kits will still work for your mic.

I think your prices are too high. Will you take $XX.XX for your kits?

Believe it or not, I occasionally get asked this question. After paying for packing materials, postage, listing fees, final value fees, Paypal fees, and the parts themselves, I make a few bucks on each kit that I sell. So my profit margin is already very low. In addition to recording and tinkering with mics, I work a regular, full-time job (just like you), and I sell these kits and services on the side, mostly for fun and to make a few extra bucks on the side to support my own habit of buying mics, recording equipment, & drum gear. This allows me to keep my prices low compared to many of the other kits and services that are out there on the market today. I'm not trying to make a living selling mod kits and services. If I were, I'd have to charge much higher prices or my family would starve!

Can I read testimonials from past buyers of your mod kits?

Certainly. The following are testimonials from buyers of our 990 mod kits:

  • "After those simple cap changes the already decent mic becomes wonderful. I will be using these mics more and more."
  • "It helped smooth some of the harshness in the HF region."
  • "A little less 'honky' in the midrange...overall, I think the mod is definitely a positive improvement to the mic."
  • "Nice mod, seems to open up the low end especially."
  • "I noticed that voices became less harsh in the upper mids. On acoustic guitar, the initial attack of the notes changed to a smoother sound. It's hard to hear at first, but once you do you can't not hear it."
  • "The difference is in what people like to call resolution or detail. Better caps remove artifacts that lesser caps produce and that you only begin to hear once they're gone, because you thought they were part of the signal. There is a certain nasal quality that disappears with polyprop or polystyrene. It's probably something in the realm of distortion or transient response. I have no means to measure that, but you can hear it."
  • "The unmodded mic makes the guitar sound a little nasal, narrow and compressed. When you switch to the modded mic, it's almost as if the guitar had a bigger body. I could hear the difference both on headphones and my monitors."
  • "After getting used to the modified mics the unmodified mics sound like the high end is drifting in and out of phase or something. Almost like it has a bit of flange on it. The modification eliminated this. I didn't notice until after the mod...but once I heard it I couldn't NOT hear it."
  • "Before the mod, I tried using my 603 pair on acoustic guitar and drum overheads. The sound was really thin and anemic, so I just put them back in the case and they probably sat there for at least a year, and I even considered getting rid of them. After the mod, I tried them again, and they worked great for both of those applications. The low end was fuller, the top end was smoother, and now I use them on practically every session."
  • I just installed your capacitors in my CAD GXL2200 microphone. Amazing! The sound has instantly gone from brittle to warm. It is nearly 1:00 a.m. and so I won\'t try out my trumpet playing in my home studio, but singing into the mic has already shown me that the microphone has been transformed. Thank you!

And here are some testimonials from buyers of our 2001/V67G/V67 mod kits:

  • " made a huge difference (installing the mod kit). First of all, luckily, it fixed the white noise problem. I A/B'd it against another v67, and it is MUCH quieter and has more presence and depth. I'm ordering a kit for the other mic, and considering replacing the capsules. Thanks for the advice and the great product."
  • "I just wanted to let you know that I used this kit on a V67 I picked up, and am really satisfied with the results. Given the low cost of the mic, my expectations weren't exactly high. However, after installing these new caps and removing the inner screen of the head basket, I'm VERY happy! This mic appears to be a great value, that is rather usable."
  • "Got it done, and it sounds a lot better, especially the high end. High end was not really a usable feature of the mic before--too fizzy. I am going to order 1, maybe 2 more kits."
  • "Just modded my MXL V67 with your kit and compared to a stock V67 side by side on an acoustic guitar. Haven't done the head basket mod yet. What I hear is the modded mic is less cloudy in the midrange and less nasal. It also seems to have a slightly clearer and stronger top end. Haven't noticed anything in the low end yet, but I haven't tried it on anything with any real bass either. The improvement is certainly well worth the small investment."

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