Magix Samplitude Music Studio Revisited


If you’ve read many of my blog posts, you know my DAW of choice is Samplitude Pro X Suite. However, when I first started out with computer-based recording, I was using the “consumer” version of Samplitude, which is now known as Samplitude Music Studio. If you’re interested, I wrote a series of articles about the evolution of the consumer version of Samplitude, the first of which you can find by clicking here.

In any case, I ran my studio for several years using this “consumer” version until eventually upgrading to Samplitude Pro X, and ultimately to Samplitude Pro X Suite. However, over the years I’ve found Samplitude Music Studio to still be a very capable DAW, and I usually keep the latest version installed on my laptop for less demanding and/or mobile projects, while keeping the “pro” version installed on my studio PC. I’ve also found that Samplitude Music Studio sometimes includes some goodies (new effects, features, and VST instruments) that haven’t been added yet to the Pro versions, as it seems that new editions of the consumer version usually get rolled out faster than the pro version.

In conclusion, if you aren’t happy with your current DAW, would like to take Samplitude for a test-drive for a minimal investment of your money, or are looking to get into computer-based recording, I highly recommend Samplitude Music Studio. Samplitude Music Studio can also be used as an “upgrade path” for the pro versions, which give you a hefty discount should you choose to upgrade on down the line. And until May 13, 2020, Magix is running a 50% off sale, so you can purchase Samplitude Music Studio for only $49.99. That’s normally the price it would cost you to upgrade, so you’re getting a new purchase license for the cost of the upgrade. Try it out, and let me know what you think.

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