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In Ear Monitoring with the Behringer X-Air XR18


As I’ve written about previously, I’m the proud owner of a Behringer X-Air XR18 digital Wi-fi mixer. I love this thing. After using it for about a year now, I could never imagine going back to an analog mixer and a huge rack full of heavy analog gear for my live sound system. One of the things I like about the XR18 is its flexibility. When I recently decided to go to a wired in-ear monitor system for myself (I’m the drummer in the band), I discovered there are no fewer than 3 options for doing so with the XR18. The other guys in the band will continue to use floor wedges, but after getting accustomed to using in-ear monitors at church for several months now (and abusing my own ears mercilessly for over 25 years playing drums), I decided to do the same thing with my own PA system. (more…)

How to prepare Wav files for Tunecore using iTunes

Tunecore is a service for musicians that allows you to sell your music on the iTunes store and other digital retailers with minimal hassle. I recently had a client who was trying to get his music uploaded to Tunecore, but wasn’t sure how to create the specific file type that is required by them. (more…)

Why You Need Your Own Band Website

As the owner of a recording studio, and a musician who has successfully released a few independent CD’s, I’m often asked by aspiring bands and musicians about how to properly market themselves. One of the first things I tell them is, “you need a website”. And I mean a real website. Not just a Facebook or MySpace page–a real website. Having your own website separates the men from the boys when it comes to the business of your band. Here are a few of the reasons why you need your own website. (more…)

How to Legally License Cover Songs

by Jon Goad

As the owner of a recording studio, one very common question that I’ve been asked is, “can I record a cover song and put it on my CD?” To which I’ve usually answered, “you can, but you have to get what is called a ‘mechanical license’, and it can be kind of a pain. If you’re serious about it, just go Google-search ‘mechanical license'”, to which most people respond with a “deer-in-the-headlights” kind of look. (more…)